Our vision

By 2040 artificial intelligence will be as smart as humans

"2040.io created a powerful tool that goes beyond your typical customer relation management program."

In 2040 we look into the future

Using technology based on deep learning algorithms, we are creating a new category of software. 

Imagine a world, where artificial intelligence will help you with most of your daily activities. A world, where machines and humans will cooperate to provide a better products and services. 
The future is coming and we want to be part of it.

Who we are

We are a Cracow based company specialized in building modern IT tools that analyze the daily activities and context, and assist companies in making proper business decisions.

We solve problems connected with data growth and complicated systems like CRM, BI. We believe that in the future users won't need to type in data manually and will have A.I. assistants that will learn from their business data and draw conclusions. 

This is why we created EDWARD

Our solution will give entrepreneurs the IT tool to better organize their worktime, as well as provide dedicated advice and suggestions to help them achieve their goals. 

Hello! My name is Edward.
I am an example of what you can achieve using technology developed by 2040.io.